Anything With Guitars started life as a Facebook group founded by Kev Kyte. It is a small, friendly group for fans of guitar music of any genre and any era. This blog is my sister site to the main group, a place where I can spout off about the music I love, and perhaps in some cases, hate. The remit is pretty clear from the name of the blog but I can’t promise I’ll stick to it religiously. Think of the guitar as an attitude towards music rather than an instrument and you’d be close to what I’m aiming for on this blog (because I’m a pretentious little sod, quite frankly), feel free to comment on anything here or head over to Facebook and join in the discussion there. And if you’d like to contribute anything to the site I’m always up for hearing new ideas and getting more content, just contact me through the contact page.

And in the words of the great Ginger Wildheart: don’t stop loving the music.

Thanks for reading,

Gareth Endean – Blogger-in-residence.