The June Playlist

What the hell was I listening to in June, I hear you ask. Well I’m asking myself the same question. 

Here’s the Spotify playlist then, as usual the need to explain myself follows at the bottom.

Bad Motherfucker – Bullets and Octane: There I am scrolling through my Spotify Release Radar playlist and in amongst the Finnish Hardcore (more of which later) and folk metal up pops a song called Bad Motherfucker and I think to myself ‘oh Spotify, you do know me…’. The song itself is four-to-the-floor rock n roll, which is never a bad thing.

Balls – Black Spiders: Farewell Black Spiders and fuck you!

Ghost of a Chance – Rancid: Good punk albums seem to have been few and far between this year, but a new Rancid album is always worth a listen. Here they are doing their thang.

Irritant – Mutation: Ginger Wildheart’s extreme mentalists’ latest album finally has a commercial release. It’s largely ear bleeding noise – which is nice – but he’s a man who loves a chorus and that’s what shines through in this Not Safe For Anywhere track.

Unfuck the World – Prophets of Rage: If you don’t know who these guys are it’s the musicians from Rage Against The Machine with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and B Real from Cypress Hill on vocals. And they absolutely blew the roof off of Download (metaphorically obviously, it’s still an outdoor festival). This is the first of their original material they’ve released, the album promises to be good…

Store Ord (Røyk Og Speil) – Ondt Blod: Here’s that Finnish Hardcore I was talking about. Honestly you download one Kvelertak album and Spotify goes mental. To be fair though this is bloody good, straddling melody and ferocity beautifully.

Tory is a Four Letter Word – The King Blues: You may have missed it, but there was a general election last month. Now whatever side of the political spectrum you sit on it’s hard to deny that the left have the better songs. And yes this one does use Jeremy Hunt as a rhyme…

Dang if I Didn’t – The Cadillac Three: Another band who were excellent at Download, even if their country rock stylings seemed at odds with the rest of the line up. They’re a glorious band for hot summer days, kicking back with a beer. Hot dang.

News From Colorado – Steve Earle: It’s probably the country album of the year so far (Chris Stapleton might have something to say about that) here’s the Earlester doing mournful poignancy better than anyone.

The Hand of John L. Sullivan – Flogging Molly: The most rabble rousing track on Flogging Molly’s latest record. I defy you not to tap your feet at the very least. I’m currently attempting not to pogo on a train…

Big Boys – Chuck Berry: Dubious lifestyle choices aside (or perhaps because of) Chuck Berry was Rock N Roll. His final album does nothing to dilute his legacy. It seems he knew his way around a song even into his nineties.

Waiting on a Song – Dan Auerbach: The Black Keys man’s latest album is full of summery Americana, this track in particular is gorgeous. That said as a whole you can’t help but think the album is too much froth and not enough coffee.

The Good Life – Blackberry Smoke: Wouldn’t it be great if this was a Southern Rock version of the old BBC sitcom’s theme tune? It’s not, but don’t let that put you off, it’s a good ol’ boy’s ode to his good ol’ dad and it’s great.

Bacon, Egg and Cheese on Toast with Sriracha – Psychostick: I’ll be honest at first I thought they were saying bacon, egg and cheese on toast with Sir Roger. I assumed it was about having breakfast with the late, great James Bond actor. Still sriracha is good too, I suppose.

All I Do is Maketh Shit Dope – Blood Command: I can’t remember what rabbit hole I went down to stumble on this but it’s easily the finest song title of 2017, if not the entire decade. The song can’t quite live up to it, but it’s certainly no slouch. Don’t be fooled by the electronica intro it soon bursts into pure female-fronted fury. Dope.

No Grave but the Sea – Alestorm: The current album of the month. This may be their best song yet.

Children’s Summon – Zeal & Ardor: Possibly the album of the year, it’s as bonkers as bonkers can be, but so, so good. Just listen already dammit!

Pawn Shop – Brothers Osborne: They’re supporting The Cadillac Three over here in November and that seems like quite a line up to me. This is a little less rock than TC3 but it’s a great tune nonetheless.

Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning – Chris Stapleton: They love a long song title in Nashville don’t they? This is an excellent cover of the Willie Nelson original, if you’re taking on a legends songs you better be good. Chris Stapleton really, really is.

Kept Woman – Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes albums tend to be growers not show-ers but their latest is even less immediate than their previous efforts. This is probably the most accessible song on it. It’s as lush as a well-watered field as ever though.


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