Eat Thunder, Shit Lightning 

Last weekend I was at Download and I had a splendid old time, however on return I had the post-fest blues. The kind where you spend hours scouring the net trying to find another festival that your broken bank balance might allow. And then out of the blue a mate text me to ask if I fancied going along to see the Black Spiders’ last ever London gig for fucking free. Erm…fuck yes, I do.

In almost any other era Black Spiders would surely have been huge. Big fat rock songs, singalong choruses and more charisma in their drummer than most bands have in their whole band. But don’t live in another era, we live in this one, and I’ve long grown accustomed to the fact that no one else seems to hear what I hear in bands. But Black Spiders live are a phenomenal. I first saw them supporting The Wildhearts before they even had an album out and as good as they were then right now there’s not a band they couldn’t blow off the stage. Which kind of sucks, cos unless you’re in Sheffield tomorrow/today (depending on when you read this) then you’ve got no chance of seeing them live ever again. And that’s why the music scene is fucking bullshit. 

But fuck it, the best music has very rarely been the most popular and I still believe the chances are out there for rock bands – perhaps more so now than in the days that the Black Spiders came out – rock music will find a way to survive. So fuck you Black Spiders, and thank you. I can’t wait for the next band that blows me away the way you did tonight. 

And to prove great music never dies Black Spiders frontman Pete Spiby’s next album is available to pre-order here:


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