The May Playlist

Every month I make a list of songs that I’ve been playing recently. I call it a playlist. I should probably trademark the idea, I think it might catch on you know…

Anyway here’s the songs and if you keep scrolling you’ll find my reasons for each choice. Enjoy!

Flutter Girl – Chris Cornell: It’s fair to say Chris Cornell’s death came as a shock to everyone. You can read my reaction here. This song is perhaps not as well known as his stuff with Soundgarden and Audioslave but it’s no less deserving of another listen.

It Ain’t My Fault – Brothers Osborne: Nothing to do with Ozzy sadly, but this is a great country-rock stomper nonetheless.

The Guns of Jericho – Flogging Molly:   The new one from Flogging Molly is a bit of a change in direction for them, with its ambient electronica and dancehall reggae stylings…I’m lying of course it’s rousing Irish folk-punk and all the better for it.

Can’t Drink You Pretty – Ginger Wildheart: The planned release of Ginger’s first three solo albums as a box set has been shelved, but fortunately the remastered versions have made it to Spotify and that’s more than enough reason for me to revisit this old favourite.

Fucked With An Anchor – Alestorm: The new Alestorm album has arrived at last, rejoice! This foul-mouthed and very funny swear-along is already destined to be a live classic. Bring on Download!

Astral Empire – Dragonforce: Another band hardly reinventing the wheel with their personal style but why should they? There are now a lot of bands ploughing what used to be a lonely furrow but even now few can do Power Metal better than the ‘Force.

Mr Shiny Cadillackness – Clutch: And very few bands can do anything better than Clutch. I’m currently working my way through their back catalogue, and I’ve yet to find anything I don’t like. Why aren’t they huge?

Sad Statue – System of a Down: Talking of stunning back catalogues… Their headline spot at Download has got me relistening to them all over again and although I’ve always loved them, I’d forgotten just how good they are. This track is from Mesmerize and in truth I could’ve plucked any song from that album at random and it would’ve been awesome. The most mental thing is though that’s only my 3rd favourite System album. Quality.

Grave Slave – Dead Cross: Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo team up again for a new project. It’s hard, heavy and batshit mental. Of course.

Governed By Contagions – At The Drive-In: Back when ATD-I burst onto the scene with 2000’s Relationship of Command they were the coolest band on the planet and looked set to conquer the world. They split up before they managed it, but on the evidence of their new album they might just still be the coolest.

Bag of Bones – Life of Agony: Another reformed band from my youth. Their latest album is growing on me with every listen.

Come on Down – Zeal and Ardor: the current AWG album of the month. Like nothing you’ve heard before, check ’em out. 

Devil in the Woman – Eliza Carthy: I make no apologies for this being the 4th track from this album to make it onto a monthly playlist, it truly is a brilliant album. Dark, modern folk at its finest.

Black-Haired Québécoise – Old Crow Medicine Show: I was a little bit disappointed with the recent best of album from everyone’s favourite old-timey band as it missed out their last two excellent albums completely (for record label reasons I assume). But it did have this lovely little previously unreleased number on so it’s not all bad.

Lookin’ for a Woman – Steve Earle: The coolest man in country is back. Rejoice for he is also one of the finest living songwriters we have. A true legend.

Second One to Know – Chris Stapleton: Steve Earle may be the coolest but Chris Stapleton is the latest darling of the country scene and pretender to the outlaw throne. He’s damn good too, and seems to be managing easily to not get sucked into the Nashville pop-country production line to boot.

The Bullingdon Boys – The King Blues: A furious, sarcastic political punk blast. No one currently does it better or with more conviction. They probably don’t want you to vote Tory.

Steambreather – Mastodon: Unlucky to miss out on the album of the month title but don’t let that stop you checking it out. A perfect blend of prog, metal and anthemic rock. Often all in the same song.

The Gin Song – The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing: If I ever get round to working out my 5 favourite songs about gin this would be a contender for sure. It does exactly what it says on the gin.

Jessica – The Allman Brothers Band: Another legend lost, as 2017 does its best 2016 impression. In all honesty I thought I’d never listened to anything by these guys and then it turned out they’d written the Top Gear theme tune and had soundtracked a big chunk of my youth, back when it was actually a show about cars and not a platform for racists to go on driving holidays.


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