Gimme 5: Songs that aren’t on Spotify

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully become a regular feature. Basically five songs based around a loose theme. The final decision is mine, but feel free to tell me where I’ve got it wrong, what I’ve missed and why my choices are all terrible…

Anyway as the title of the blog suggests here are five great songs that can’t be found on Spotify, enjoy.

1. I Play Bass – Sack Trick: I first discovered this on and free Org Records sampler I got at a gig (possibly Cyclefly at the Camden Underworld). I think the band did release an album but they never really got anywhere, which is a shame ‘cos this song is an ace (and accurate) indictment of bassists everywhere.

Check it out here:

2. From the Inside – Def Leppard: There’s a surprising lack of Leppard on Spotify, which I can only imagine is down to them not wanting it on there, although AC/DC seem to have given up on that one so maybe Def Leppard will succumb too. Until then here’s one of their b-sides that I first heard on the Retro-Active rarities album, it showcases a more thoughtful, restrained side to them than their usual output so worth a listen even if you’re not keen usually.

3. Tomorrow Ever Comes – Cop Shoot Cop: One of my favourite songs of all time from my favourite obscure band of all time – people I know who like them: me and Devin Townsend. And I don’t really know Dev, more’s the pity.

4. Jesus Loves You…But I Don’t – The Almighty: Another band with a surprising lack of stuff on Spotify. I remember when I was about 13 asking my mum if I could get a t-shirt with this song title on it. She said no, so I got a White Zombie route 666 one instead. I’m quite the rebel.

5. Incidental Noises – Ginger Wildheart: Not surprising that this one isn’t in there as it was part of Ginger’s Pledge only 555% triple album so hasn’t had a commercial release. But it’s a lovely song and everyone should hear it. So what the hell are you waiting for?



  1. I’ve got Sack Trick’s album somewhere . It’s called Music From… The Mystery Rabbits. I only remember I Play Bass from it though.

    And there was a song about camels I think.


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